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The benefits that our clients receive from Skills & Capabilities Assessments fall into a number of major categories, including:

Using Skills & Capabilities Assessments in your talent pool evaluation and succession planning processes will help you identify the resource gaps that need to be addressed for your organization to operate at its full potential. This will enable you to focus your recruiting efforts, making sure that you are recruiting the people you really need.

Skills & Capabilities Assessments enable your organization to pre-screen candidates either against the specific requirements of a single role or against a more broad range of skills and capabilities which allows you to assess candidates across several levels or classes of positions. This pre-screening allows you to minimize the costs, time and frustration associated with interviewing the wrong candidates.

You get the information you need to make better selection decisions for hiring new people as well as promoting current employees. The information you receive from Skills & Capabilities Assessments lets you know what an individual's strengths and weaknesses are, how well suited they are to the role that they are being considered for and what specific development they will need in order to perform to their potential.

The bottom line? You invest your time and resources in the right people, knowing that you can bring them up to their full potential quickly.

With a more thorough understanding of the strengths of each individual, people can be deployed more effectively into roles whose responsibilities and complexity match their competencies.
Skills & Capabilities Assessments also enable you to redeploy people quickly in anticipation of, or in response to, changing market needs. You identify who best fits which new or changed roles in the organization and what their development needs are to achieve high level performance.
The bottom line? You get the right people in the right roles at the right time.

At an individual level, Skills & Capabilities Assessments accelerate development by giving both the individual and the manager a tool that helps them quickly focus on high priority competencies. The SMART© Action Planner takes each person through a 6-7 week developmental program in the area where the greatest opportunity for results-oriented improvement exists, complete with coaching checkpoints.
At the organizational level, Skills & Capabilities Assessments will help you maximize the Return on Investment of your existing training programs. In customized implementations, the SMART Action Planner is integrated with your existing development programs.
If a gap is identified in your current programs, the assessment results will jump-start the needs analysis process and help you target effective training solutions that are focused on the areas of greatest organizational need and highest payback.
The bottom line? You develop your people to their highest potential in the role faster and target your training dollars more effectively.

Skills & Capabilities Assessments enable you to improve your organization's performance management in a number of ways. First, you set clear performance benchmarks in each critical competency area for a role during the implementation process.
When an individual completes the Skills & Capabilities Assessments for the first time, you establish a baseline for their performance in each area. They also receive an action plan targeted at the area where the largest opportunity for improvement exists. The action plan is completed in 6-7 weeks, with their manager's involvement and coaching. Customer-centred activities are included to ensure that newly developed competencies can be applied with measurable results.
This becomes a continuous improvement process when you integrate Skills & Capabilities Assessments with your performance management and employee development cycle, revisiting the performance benchmarks for the role and reassessing each individual's level of competency annually.
The bottom line? A performance management system that both managers and employees actually want to use - one that yields continuous, sustainable performance results.

Talent pool assessment is critical both for Succession Planning and in Merger or Acquisition situations.
The aggregate results from Skills & Capabilities Assessments make succession planning more practical and meaningful by identifying gaps in your talent pool for today's needs as well as future plans. We help you pan for your organizational gold, enabling you to identify high quality internal candidates for roles or make informed decisions about when to go outside your organization for new hires. You save on recruiting costs and build morale by showing clear career paths for your employees.
Skills & Capabilities Assessments can also help you quickly assess the talent pool in potential merger or acquisition situations. As part of the due diligence process, you get to assess the quality of the people and understand how they would best fit into the new organization and what specific development they will need. When the merger or acquisition takes place, you hit the ground running with the right people in the right roles and the plans in place to minimize the length of the transition process.
The bottom line? With a clear understanding of your talent pool and your needs, your people truly can be your most important resource.